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Web agency combines web apps, advanced search, and email marketing functionality in Adobe Business Catalyst to create effective web presence for Hollyburn Properties

SimpleFlame, an award-winning web design and development agency, is noted for turning complex challenges into practical, powerful, professional digital properties. With extensive experience in building custom websites from scratch, the specialists at SimpleFlame bring their talents to bear on the Adobe Business Catalyst platform to imagine and deliver powerful web and mobile solutions that support marketing and commercial business processes.

“Adobe Business Catalyst provides a strong web solution for businesses of all sizes,” says Jason Tinnin, web entrepreneur and co-founder of SimpleFlame. “It enables our clients to tap into a robust framework and leverage customized solutions that deliver measurable business results—without the responsibility of in-house development, management, or support.”

For SimpleFlame, Adobe Creative Suite® software plays an important role in the design and development of Business Catalyst sites. By joining Adobe Creative CloudTM, the company has continuous access to the most current versions of Adobe Creative Suite products, including Adobe Photoshop® and Adobe Dreamweaver.® “Adobe Creative Cloud has made it simple for us to access essential tools at an attractive price point that includes a generous software offering,” says Tinnin.

The Hollyburn Properties website created using Adobe Business Catalyst makes apartment hunting easy with intuitive search capabilities and integrated lifestyle photos that map to the demographics of selected locations.

Hollyburn Properties

Functionally beautiful

One of SimpleFlame’s outstanding Business Catalyst implementations is for its client Hollyburn Properties Ltd. The Canadian property management and investment company headquartered in Vancouver, B.C. manages apartment rentals in hundreds of buildings located in upscale areas of Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, and Toronto. The Hollyburn website integrates advanced functionality that increases occupancy rates for each building, while at the same time helps renters find just the right place to live.

SimpleFlame was tasked with creating a comprehensive web and mobile presence that blended together two identities—Hollyburn Properties and Renter’s Guide. In pulling the two brands together the primary goal of the project was to increase conversions, which for Hollyburn is defined by making a virtual connection between a prospective tenant and a building manager. Once the contact is made it is up to the manager to close the rental deal.

The site needed to have a strong visual lifestyle appeal featuring the neighborhoods that Hollyburn is in; provide responsive, easy-to-use online search functionality that rapidly produces relevant results; enable personalized email outreach and social media integration; and include ways to optimize the effectiveness of site content. Importantly, non-technical staff at Hollyburn needed to be able to manage content and have tools to handle customer relationships on their own.

Perfected implementation

Powerful back-end database integration, extensive use of web apps, powerful internal search capabilities, and an intuitive user interface make an all-inclusive marketing and commerce tool that makes apartment hunting easy. The built-in internal search module in Business Catalyst enables apartment seekers to search listings by four different criteria: move-in date, number of bedrooms, price range, and location.

Functionality in Business Catalyst, including prebuilt modules and grid layouts, enable the SimpleFlame designers and developers to fulfill a broad range of client requirements. When search results are displayed, accompanying lifestyle photos map to the demographics of the selected geography. This feature is enabled by a customized image rotator web app inside Business Catalyst that is tied to directory structures. Filtered searches can also be initiated on an interactive map—an asset built using JavaScript.

Prospective tenants can also drill into housing details including availability, floor plans, building amenities, rental guidelines, as well as a ’walk‘ score that indicates how accessible a building is to restaurants, shops, and work and entertainment hubs. Customer testimonials automatically cycle throughout the site and videos showing 360-degree views of the properties rotate on the home page. Additionally, there is a secure area on where building managers can log in to capture inquiries, follow up on leads, and access hundreds of documents such as leases, correspondence from the management company, and updated building guidelines.

An interactive map built using JavaScript and integrated into Adobe Business Catalyst provides another way for people to search for their new home on the Hollyburn Properties website.

Hollyburn Properties - North Shore

One of the key advantages of using Business Catalyst is that the framework easily accommodates extended functionality on an ongoing basis, enabling turnkey support for both current and future needs. “Adobe Business Catalyst enables complex functionality inside an elegant, lifestyle-oriented site that perfectly suits Hollyburn’s business requirements today and as the company grows moving forward,” says Jaclyn Schmitz, project manager at SimpleFlame.

When SimpleFlame delivers a Business Catalyst project, it’s essentially a shell that clients populate, customize, and operate—empowering them to get the most out of the platform and take ownership of their web properties. At Hollyburn, non-technical staff leverage Business Catalyst to keep site content fresh, create web forms with simplicity, and manage multiple customer databases.

“We provide the strategies and technology, and clients use the intuitive real-time editing feature in Adobe Business Catalyst to manage sites completely on their own,” says Schmitz.

Comprehensive outbound communications across platforms

Hollyburn is also using Business Catalyst to manage sophisticated email marketing campaigns that deliver personalized content. When site visitors sign up to be notified of vacancies, back-end functionality in Business Catalyst matches renters’ criteria as vacancies become available and pushes out email offers. Targeted email newsletters are also part of Hollyburn’s customer outreach efforts, which staff can initiate, revise, and oversee with drag and drop simplicity and without having to manually enter data.

Moving forward, SimpleFlame will have mobile versions of, taking advantage of recent advances in Business Catalyst to easily customize the look and feel of the site and port it across devices. Using a simple tag system, SimpleFlame will be able to rapidly optimize content based on the type of device a visitor is using, eliminating the need to add detection code.

For SimpleFlame, Business Catalyst is the ideal hosted platform on which the agency—and its clients— can thrive. “Adobe Business Catalyst offers our clients easy-to-use ways to integrate and streamline core marketing and operational processes online,” says Schmitz. “When clients see how much the platform can do and how cost-effective it is, ideas begin to flow and projects rapidly take shape.”

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