Business Catalyst Showcase Breckenridge Brewery

HotPress Web used Business Catalyst to build an online business for Breckenridge Brewery, a generations-old private purveyor of microbrews, whose brand was suffering from lack of a virtual presence.

Breckenridge Brewery

The brewery’s previous website was five years old, had less than a dozen pages of static content, and had no e-commerce or social functionality. Breckenridge wanted an entertaining, interactive, eCommerce site that reflected the nature of the company’s distinctive, hand-crafted beers and would enable the company to control content without adding technical staff.

The Breckenridge site attracts approximately 1,000 unique visitors a day. In a typical week, the online presence fields nearly 100 customer inquiries and thousands of dollars of orders.

Distributors log in to a secure portal for eCommerce and fulfilment and customers interface with the company and each other via social media, commenting, and email newsletters while brewery staff has control over site content. Each brew has a microsite loaded with industry specific flavor, stories, and video.

The new Breckenridge Brewery site has a look, feel, and engagement level as refreshing as the product itself.

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