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Australian web solutions provider uses Adobe® Business Catalyst® to build online business solutions for clients and help them uncover a wealth of new business opportunities

Over the past decade, Bosweb Systems has grown to be a highly sought-after, innovative online business solution developer in Australia. Founded in 2000, the company quickly carved out a niche developing software solutions, business applications, and websites for organizations ranging from local charities and nonprofits to government agencies and corporate clients.

The firm began with static website development and eventually began offering content management systems (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM), e-commerce, and email marketing platforms. To date, it has developed more than 500 websites and 90 business applications ranging from PDA software to user dashboards, web widgets, and other industry- specific applications.

“Our business continued to expand based on the quality of applications we were developing. Clients were very receptive to them and happy with the results,” says Brendon O’Sullivan, director at Bosweb Systems. “But, continuing to develop proprietary systems for hundreds of clients was proving cost-prohibitive, and we needed a more cost-effective and efficient way to meet the demand without sacrificing the quality of the solution or the support we provided.”

Bosweb clients benefit from the power and utility of Adobe Business Catalyst. Rhino Promotions and Harmoni’s Kiss both take advantage of email marketing and CRM features to better engage with and understand their customers.

The company sought alternative solutions that would enable it to continue to provide robust solutions for its clients, while streamlining development operations for greater cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and client support. After extensive research, Bosweb adopted Adobe Business Catalyst, a hosted application for building and managing online businesses for clients.

“Through our research we realized that the integrated development platform in Adobe Business Catalyst would allow us to provide our clients with an increased array of tools for their online businesses, while creating new up-sell opportunities we didn’t have in the past. Both of those benefits were very attractive to both us and our clients,” O’Sullivan says.

Bosweb Systems

Rapid development through integrated solutions

Adobe Business Catalyst is a hosted application for building online business components. The all-in-one solution offers built-in CRM integrated web forms and content management features, along with automated email marketing platform functionality and custom design capabilities that enable Bosweb to develop and deliver powerful, engaging websites from a single platform.

In the past, creating business applications was a labor-intensive effort. For example, websites were custom coded and static, meaning content could not be changed by a client. Changes had to be requested and routed through Bosweb, which could take hours, days, or weeks depending on the nature and complexity of the desired edits.

With the Adobe solution, Bosweb designers can rapidly develop dynamic, customized websites that can be managed and modified by either the Bosweb team or by its clients. To develop a new site, designers can incorporate existing or new HTML code into the ready-made templates, drop in existing creative assets, and layer in any of the flexible modules—integrated site search engines, photo galleries and slideshows, ad rotators, point-and-click menu building, and others—to achieve the desired functionality with a few mouse clicks instead of extensive custom coding. Over the course of three years, the firm developed more than 300 websites for clients and partners, leveraging integrated, intuitive workflows to produce final projects over 200% faster than before and at a fraction of the cost.

In addition to faster, more efficient website design, Bosweb clients are exposed to compelling features and functionality that highlight the power and utility of Business Catalyst. For example, a built-in CRM database automatically captures form field data collected from the clients’ websites, providing marketers with the information they need to create personalized, easily managed, and targeted email marketing campaigns to their existing and prospective customers. Bosweb client Sarah Richmond, director at Rhino Promotions, says, “Adobe Business Catalyst email marketing, in conjunction with CRM, shows me who is opening our campaigns and a high read rate is reflected in sales and inquiries.”

Bosweb client Team Irrigation benefits from the insight Adobe Business Catalyst offers into site traffic, while Western College appreciates the ability to add features to its website as its business grows.

Western College by Bosweb Systems

E-commerce capabilities are also built into the platform, enabling a fully operational, online storefront to be deployed rapidly without custom coding and configuration. Social elements, such as Twitter and Facebook feeds, can be easily added to any site without having to copy and paste lines of code. In addition, powerful analytic modules integrate seamlessly with all web pages, shopping carts, and email marketing campaigns providing deep insight into campaign performance and content engagement.

Business Catalyst client Melissa Lowe, owner at Harmoni’s Kiss, appreciates the level of information available through Business Catalyst. “Adobe Business Catalyst gives us greater visibility into customer behaviors and it’s been surprising for us to see where leads actually originate,” she says. “Getting specific insight into who is opening our campaigns, when, and what they view helps us better target future communications. As a result, we have seen orders increase locally and abroad, we need to travel less, and our administrative overheads are dramatically reduced.”

Another Bosweb client, Kim Chandler, marketing manager at Team Irrigation states, “The Monday morning report helps me understand our site traffic in a snapshot, and a further dive into Visits and Pageviews and Popular Pages tells me if my clients are focusing on the pages that I feel are important to the business.”

Bosweb clients make regular use of the wide variety of powerful features in Adobe Business Catalyst. According to O’Sullivan, an overwhelming majority of Bosweb clients use the blogging, social media, news, events, events calendar, and email marketing features to remain in constant communication with existing and prospective customers. Approximately 30% of Bosweb clients use Business Catalyst straight out of the box because it’s a complete solution that’s easy to implement. The other 70% take advantage of advanced features and further customize extensively to work with other external programs, realizing the flexibility and power of Business Catalyst when it’s fully deployed.

“Adopting Adobe Business Catalyst was really the beginning of our evolution,” says O’Sullivan. “The all-in-one functionality allowed us to begin transitioning away from a production shop and toward more of a partner and solutions provider to our clients. We created a campaign around migrating clients away from our legacy CMS using a systematic approach, offering each aspect of Business Catalyst as an up-sell opportunity to grow our business.”

Bosweb client Louise Lewis, executive assistant at Western College, adds, “We consciously moved our organization to Adobe Business Catalyst because of the available features, presenting us with an opportunity to upgrade and customize our website as we expand our business.”

Brendon O’Sullivan, director of Bosweb, is excited by the new business opportunities that Adobe Business Catalyst has opened up. The company now offers a suite of services to help others realize the benefits of the solution.

Western College by Bosweb Systems

Branching out

Every 60 days the company contacts its clients to evaluate their current solutions and discuss new Business Catalyst modules. The process allows clients time to get familiar with their marketing tools and begin to understand the solutions that could help take their business to the next level. “One of the most common mistakes in promoting Adobe Business Catalyst is trying to sell clients on the whole solution at once, ultimately devaluing the modular nature of the solution,” explains O’Sullivan. “We took a different approach, highlighting the value of what the solution includes and then only selling clients what they need at a particular time.”

As more clients began to adopt other modules and components, they naturally began having more questions. Bosweb seized the opportunity and began offering in-house and online information sessions to introduce the features and functionality of each module and facilitate interaction among its customers. The information sessions have now evolved into a central component of the company’s plans to grow and educate its Adobe Business Catalyst customer base and reseller partner network with webcast training sessions.

“We understand the needs of clients who’d benefit from Adobe Business Catalyst, as well as the challenges resellers face in conveying the value of the solution,” says O’Sullivan. “There’s a genuine opportunity for us to service the entire channel, which is why we’ve implemented a software support program, expanded telesales efforts, and have made a significant investment in the development of an Adobe Business Catalyst Service Center.”

In the future, the firm plans to work with thousands of Business Catalyst partners in Australia and abroad, using a suite of branded sales, software support, web analytics, webinars, and other services to help others realize the benefits of the Adobe solution for their business. “There are thousands of potential partners who know they have access to an innovative development platform, but don’t fully understand the strategies and approaches available to make it work for their business,” says O’Sullivan. “This is a great opportunity to help other businesses benefit as much as we have from adopting Adobe Business Catalyst while continuing to carve out a new niche for ourselves.”

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